Hello, I'm Katie: A Reintroduction

Hello! Thanks for stopping by the Don’t Blink Events blog. It’s been a little while since we’ve posted, and it’s been even longer since we've done a little introduction.

Who Am I? 

My name is Katie, and I am the Founder / Owner behind Don’t Blink Events. This business was started out of a passion for planning, and being surrounded by positive humans. For the past 8 years, I’ve been in the advertising industry – starting out in Account Services and slowly shifting towards experiential. For those of you who aren’t familiar with experiential – it’s essentially planning and producing events & experiences for brands. So, whenever you see a brand at a festival, or on the street corners handing out their products, or hosting little pop-up-shops throughout town – that’s all considered experiential.

Wait, You Did What?

A little less than two years ago, my hubby and I picked up our lives from Minnesota, sold our house, packed our 11 boxes and moved to Manly Beach - right outside of Sydney, Australia. We’ve been settling in here and trying to find our groove.


What's Don't Blink Events All About?

Here at Don’t Blink Events we want to take the planning stress off you - and make your special day(s) as memorable as possible. Whether it's the day-of planning, the budget or the decorating - we can help manage those details for you. 

It’s so often that you’ll put on an event (big or small), and before you know it everything is done and you’re cleaning up. Sometimes you haven’t even remembered to snap a photo. That's what we're for. To make sure you're around to enjoy the party - we’ll even help you remember to capture those special moments.

Thanks for stopping by, and please do let us know when you’re having your next event.

If you have under 5 minutes - please take our event planning survey, and help us understand your likes & dislikes of planning.