How To: Throw A Party For Two

Life gets crazy – running the kids around to soccer practice, bringing them to and from school, making sure the dog is fed, laundry is done, not to mention that 9-5 job that isn’t just 9-5. Even in a life where kids aren’t present – sometimes it feels nearly impossible to find time to spend with your significant other. So, it’s important to spend those free days and nights making it count.

Despite what you might think, not all party-planning has to be for tens or hundreds of people, sometimes the best parties – are parties for two <insert Shania Twain song here>. Whether you have an anniversary coming up, you need to get away from the kids, it's your boo's birthday, or you just feel like spending time together – here’s a few tips for planning inexpensive but special dates for you and yours.

Not all meals have to be in a restaurant

Remember breakfast in bed? That can still be a thing. Whip up some muffins, pop a bottle of champagne and brew some coffee. Enjoy a lazy Saturday morning breakfast in bed, with zero electronics of course.

You know that restaurant pasta primavera? It’s really not that hard to make yourself! Go on Pinterest, find a great recipe, head to the store, turn on some tunes, pour yourself some wine and make a dinner that’s probably better than what you’ll get at the restaurants.

Go camping  

Ok, maybe you hate camping? A tent just might not be your thing. Tip: lots of campsites actually have little log cabins you can rent, so you’ll have a place to stay that has a bed. Many times these places also have fully functioning bathroom and shower facilities, grills and fire pits. So – book yourself a glamping trip that won’t cost you a fortune. Also – there’s a thing called “Glamping Hub” – check it out. 

Bring your own wine to dinner

The best little trick I learned from my in-laws (who always have the best wine). Did you know that 9 times out of 10, you can bring your own wine to restaurants and just pay the corkage fee (which is usually about $15). All you have to do is give the restaurant a call beforehand, make sure it’s cool with them, and there you have it – you can save LOTS of $$ by bringing your own booze.

Have a photoshoot

Sometimes it’s fun to have new pics of you and your boo. After all, Instagram. If you have a camera and a tripod, it’s easy to set it up to get some new photos for your Christmas card. Or even better - capture some candids of each other throughout the weekend. Those are usually the best pics anyway. Don’t have a fancy camera? Set your iPhone up on a man-made prop, set the self-timer and boom, you have some great new pics. Or, selfies. 

Exercise together

Whether it’s a walk, run or a hike – find a new place to explore together and get your sweat on. There’s nothing better then an endorphin rush with your one and only.

Have a picnic + watch the sunset

You know that lake by your house? Go to the store, grab a bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers – and whatever else you like and go have a picnic. There’s nothing better than watching the sunset with some vino and your boo.

 Sunrise + Coffee

... but the sunrise is a pretty close second to the sunset. Pour a cup of joe, go for a walk and watch the world come alive. IMO, the best time of the day is in the morning.

What are your favourite things to do with yours? Drop us a line and let us know.