Capture the Love

You’ve been planning your event for many months, maybe even a year or more. There’s been stress, late nights, conversations with suppliers, and money. So much money.

The day is finally here, you’re overly prepared for a successful event.  You’ve even hired a day-of-coordinator to do the dirty work for you so you’re able to enjoy the day. Before you know it, the event is through and you’re picking up the last of the wine glasses, washing them in the sink, and throwing away all of the rubbish. Monday rolls around and you’re left reminiscing about your wonderful party.

One problem - you forgot to document it. You were so busy planning and enjoying you forgot to take one single photo during the whole evening.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

I’ve heard this so many times, from so many people. Or, in the case of weddings I hear things like: “the videographer is just too expensive” or, “I’m going to find the least expensive photographer.”

My advice to you: DON’T SKIMP IN THIS AREA. You’re going to regret it. Years pass and memories fade, but videos and photos can take you immediately back to the intricacies of the day.

After my own wedding I was so happy we decided to get a videographer. The day goes all too quickly, and you’re so overwhelmed with everything happening that you forget all of the details. The speeches, the ceremony – the best parts! Being able to relive that event through film is irreplaceable. Now my hubby and I even make it an anniversary tradition to look through our photo book, and rewatch our video. 

There so many brand events I’ve planned, where video and photo content is always an after thought. What people don’t think about is how much these two things can amplify investment. Doing something as simple as hiring an event photographer can create 3-6 months of social media content, can be a base for digital ads – or even print ads. Video content can be used for the same purposes.

Here’s a few tips when hiring a photographer and videographer in order to stay within your budget:

  • Cut back in other areas, so you can spend more here.
  • If you’re planning a smaller event, contact a friend who’s starting their own business, or just does photography on the side for fun.
  •  Contact your local photography or film school and ask to get in touch with some of the students. Students are always looking for ways to build up their portfolios.
  • Search for a company who specialises in both videography and photography, and ask to see their packages. 
  • Know what you want to use your photos and videos for beforehand. Do you think you’re going to need them for a published, printed piece? Remember you’ll need to negotiate for those rights in your contract. Just want to use it on your personal social media channels? Great, but make sure to give proper credit for all of their hard work.
  • If you’re throwing many events, find a team you enjoy working with and use them as your preferred vendors. That way you can establish a relationship, and it’s likely that you will bring them more business, and they will bring you more business.
  • Looking to plan a wedding? See if you can find a photographer for the proposal, engagement photos and the wedding – it’s more likely you’ll get a discounted rate if you work with the same photographer for all of these occasions.
  • Read through the contracts carefully - make sure you're getting everything you want in there!

Whatever you do, remember it’s not worth all of the hard work if you can’t relive it through photos and videos. Capture the love, friends!